The company's history begins in 1973. The company, which originally started in road construction business, has developed over the years as Sava-Group. Today, a group of companies is from Rovaniemi operating family business engaged in machine and structural engineering, purification and remediation of polluted soil, treatment of municipal and industrial sludge for further utilization, condition testing, restaurant and hotel operations, and real estate investing. The company has about 200 employees.

We employ the methods of tomorrow by removing former and possible future problems, not only ultimately but also on an economically advantageous way. At our Greenfix™ receptory sites we treat thermally and further utilize polluted soils and other industrial materials. Using Savalan™ sludge treatment technology community and industrial waste water sludges can processed to organic i) fertilisers ii) dried or iii) incinerated to ash. All materials treated by our technologies have been recycled 100% at the beginning of our operation.

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Kalottikone Oy was founded in 1982 for the development and manufacturing of machines and equipment for production of asphalt concrete mixtures used in road paving, and for reparation of pavements. Later, development was expanded to remixer stabilisers for increasing the bearing capacity of the road base using bitumen stabilisation. Thermal desorption equipment makes it possible to clean soil contaminated with oil products and other hydrocarbons. The equipment can also clean soil containing for example, dioxin. The equipment produced by Kalottikone Oy is well known for its durability, flexible mobility and easy access, as well as for low maintenance costs and excellent productivity.

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Toptester is a privately owned testhouse providing environmental and mechanical reliability tests for companies R&D and verification functions. Toptester tests equipments, components and materials according to standards (IEC, Jedec, Telcordia etc.) or clients own specifications. Toptester´s mission is to help customers to conquer world wide markets by offering high quality test services.

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Santa's Hotels is a Lappish, easily approachable and warm, yet stylish international hotel chain. All Santa’s Hotels units are comfortable and unique hotels featuring the characteristics of the destination in which they are located. Santa’s Hotels offer a wide range of different accommodation choices from standard rooms to luxurious suites, spacious apartments and glass igloos.

Sava-Group Oy
Address: Ahjotie 23, 96300 Rovaniemi
Contact Phone: +358 400 322 344
Company ID: 0416710-7

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